Community Guideline

We are very happy to have you become a part of the Vibes community. There are a few rules that you do need to follow to ensure that our community is a safe and fun environment for everyone to use. If there are any users who are breaking any of the Vibes community rules or making you feel not safe, please report the user on the app by clicking on their profile and selecting “report“ and we will review the account, you are also welcome to email us at (

Vibe is not to be used for any nudity/sexual content, Harassment, promotion/ soliciting, violence/physical harm, hate speech, private information, spam, prostitution/trafficking, scamming, impersonation, minors (18+ years only), illegal usage, copyright & trademark infringement, third party apps, etc.

To ensure that our users on Vibes are active, we do have a rule where we will delete your account if you haven’t logged into your account in a year.

Your safety is important, so please make sure to meet users you speak with on the Vibes app in a public place. Do your due diligence before meeting with any users from the Vibes app, protect your personal information, report all suspicious /offensive behavior, know your limits, tell friends/family about your plans to meet someone off Vibes, etc.

Vibes is not responsible for anything that may occur and by using the Vibes app you agree to use the app responsibly, meet users of the Vibes app responsibly, and you understand that Vibes is not responsible for anything that can occur off and, on the app., If you ever feel unsafe while using the app, you can always report the user; you can email us (; and you can also discontinue using the Vibes app.